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and tomorrow. right know, 60 in santa rosa, san francisco, 63. los gatos, 59, 56 in san jose. here's a look at the forecast. cold again tonight. especially in the north and east bay protected valley areas where we'll see the inland frost. a cold start for monday and then clear out nicely tomorrow afternoon and then gradually warm wednesday, thursday, and friday. right now looks like thursday and friday, some parts of the bay area close to 70 degrees. tonight, a chance of some frost in the north bay. temperatures there, napa, santa rosa, right near the freezing mark. so get ready for frost development. san francisco, 43. 40, oakland. 35, san jose, livermore, 32 degrees. high pressure continuing to build in, and it's helping to push the clouds off the coast. we have a slight offshore wind component, so as this high continues to build in, we'll continue to keep things on the try side, and each day we'll begin to warm up. and as i said, the latter part of the work week when temperatures will be the warmest. tomorrow, here's the highs. how about 64 for clear lake, 64, santa rosa, san francisco,
on to 60s. it got up to 68 this afternoon. at the santa rosa airports oakland downtown, it was 62 degrees in pacifica. a beautiful day but only going to get warmer, clear, cold overnight. 70 degree temperatures you're not hearing things. by friday it's going to start to warm up. here is a look at the pacific satellite picture, with this ridge of high pressure remaining strong, none of this storms making it to the bay area were going to remain rain-free. here is a look at the forecast. clear and cold other than patches of low clouds tomorrow going with sunny, mild weather for the entire bay area from coast to inland. and we'll keep temperatures very similar for wednesday before starting to see numbers starting to go up. tomorrow morning make sure your little ones are bundled up and make sure have you a jacket or coat. it's going to get cold. 30 degrees in santa rosa. 3 to degrees for new fairfield, mid 30s in concord and fremont. san jose. 35 degrees in santa cruz. 44 in san francisco. highs for tuesday, 62 degrees in san jose it's going to be a sunny day february 12th. this is looking lik
can see the sun and high clouds, 60 degrees in santa rosa. 58 in concord and los gatos. what is coming getting closer to the weekend just don't cancel plans and we may see drops early saturday morning it's a weak system high pressure controlling factor drier pattern into next week with exception of the weak system. /a is going to kuchl through. it's going to be sunny and nice. then, friday, you can see clouds coming in. may see showers or sprinkles early saturday morning but i won't cancel plans onÑt behalf of the weak system. many of you will be sleeping when we might see drops. morn morning it's going to be getting cold. 34 santa rosa. vallejo, 47. here)6wsñ highs for friday. great way to end the week. 62 palo alto. 61 san francisco. oakland, 616789 sorry, computer just blowing through this, here is a look at the accu-weather forecast. looking at, we're not going look at accu-weather forecast. we're going toll but another great resource. our live doppler 7 hd you can follow it on twitter. plus getke%4c video forecast, pr outage information and weather çÑñe weather team here. fol
, and all of us down four or five degrees. santa rosa, 65. concord, 65. 63 in san jose. and monterey, only 55 degrees. more of an onshore wind component today. right now, san francisco, 53. 59 in oakland. san jose, 58. 57, novato, santa cruz. 62, livermore. another beautiful shot live now to san jose, with clear sky. santa rosa, 58. 60 in nap a. big changes coming, and they're going to start really overnight tonight and tomorrow. here's a look at the forecast highlights. low clouds and fog overnight. partly cloudy, you'll notice the clouds thickening up and it's going to be much cooler tomorrow, only in the 50s, and then get ready for rain to return on tuesday and we're also going to bring in very low snow levels. the culprit is the fact that high pressure is starting to weaken. jet stream push though south. low cloud off the coast. all of this will move and this cold front right here is going to make its way into the bay area on tuesday. bringing with it some moisture and also a batch of cold air. in fact here's a look at the timing. beginning tuesday, 5:00 a.m., the rain starts to spread
. subfreezing temperatures, 31 in santa rosa. 30 degrees in nappa. mid-30s for concord, livermore, morgan hill. you'll notice fairfield 33 degrees. in san jose, 37 starting off the morning. jackets will do it. you'll need them. sunshine and high clouds in the south bay 60s in cupertino. santa cruz, 63 degrees, pin anyone slarks mid-50s low 60s, redwood city, menlo park 60. pacifica. 58 degrees. temperatures running closer to today's levels perhaps higher, downtown san francisco, 59 check out north bay. 63 in santa rosa. east bay, a nice day. starting out on the chilly side but afternoon, 60s in oakland. san ramone, 57 degrees. i hope you like what unsee. there are no refunds here. mid-50s low 60s. clouds coming through due to a weak system. computer models keeping it dry. sunny and warmer upper 50s to mid-60s. monday there is a slight chance of showers. one computer model wants to bring in showers. we're going to go with a slight chance. live from the roof of the kgotv broadcast center i'm sandhya patel. larry? cheryl? >> looks great up there. i'm going to do sports up there one night. >> come
. high temperatures at 66 degrees, 68 in santa rosa. redwood city, 49 degrees. so right now, i'll show you what's happening. nothing. no rain to speak of. next week sometime, right now i want to show you temperatures. it's 59 in san francisco. feel goods up here. 66 in redwood city. 18 in mountain view. chilly inland overnight. temperatures dipping down again. mild afternoon through monday. cooler days next week. here is what is bringing us beautiful weather. an area of high pressure is a dominant feature. so go ahead, enjoy weather. that will filter sunshine. don't worry. we're not going see rain out of this. if you do have outdoor plans, the big easy check out the forecast. its going to be cooler than here in the bay area for friday there. cool sunshine. 60 degrees. partly cloudy on sunday. where niners are sure to beat the raven dz i say that? beat the ravens so looking good over there. looking great here as well. make sure have you a jacket or sweater in the morning. temperatures dipping close to freezing. 41 in san jose. looking at highs for tomorrow nice rebound. san jose, 67 h.6
, such as the napa valley, santa rosa, san francisco overnight, 45. we'll look at the fog together right near the coast. 38 for half moon bay. 41 for san jose and 37 for livermore. this is the setup. this high has just been sitting over the pacific northwest. the jet stream well to the north of us. but things are going to start to change mid-week. this high will stay positioned right over us. so the dry weather pattern will stay with us through wednesday, and then after that, a pretty vigorous cold front developing to the north and west of us and bring us a colder air mass, and does look like rain on thursday. here's a look at our timing for the low clouds. by 5:00 a.m. monday, you'll notice the low clouds pushing in. also out towards the delta. doesn't stay us too terribly long. you can see by 11:00, 12:00, 1:00, 2:00, plenty of sunshine. so here's your highs, 60s. 58 for san francisco. in east bay, antioch, concord, walnut tarik, danville, oakley. mid-to-low 60s. 62 for san jose. and manage mid-60s hearding towards morgan hill. 64 for gilroy and 63 for salinas. here's a look ahead to the se
's pretty much wet. we'll see changes this week but not immediately. tomorrow morning gray skies again. rosa. tomorrow afternoon, 58 degrees in san jose. and some sun and clouds. 54 on the coast in half moon bay. downtown san francisco, 55 degrees, north bay, clear lake, 58 degree as long with napa. into east bay you're going to degrees in monterey. up to 60 degrees in salinas. here is the accu-weather governoring mid-50s low 60s, cooler weather. showers arriving slight chance of showers on friday morninging. you can see cooling trend into this time period. weekend looking dry and milder, we'll keep it on the dry side monday looking at that accu-weather forecast. we haven't seen much in the way of rain. now into february and remember these umbrellas? go, find your umbrellas you'll be needing those friday, and also bli into friday. live from the roof of the broadcast center i'm sandhya patel. dan, snirl5[am umbrellas are hee somewhere. and this is okay in terms of rain total autos we're about 94 to 106% of average. snow pack is going down at 84% of normal. so we need rain z we need the snow.
francisco, blue skies 64 degrees up into north bay. 70s for february. rosa. upper 60s in oakland. livermore near 70 degrees. 70s in watsonville. accu-weather forecast warmer for valentine's day. and friday, weekend featuring a slow cooling trend. much cooler by then, and then, looking at tuesday, rain low owe to mid-50s, showers for wednesday. some wet weather early as tuesday and wednesday of next week. but until then, valentine's day forecast is sure to warm your heart. live from the roof of the kbotv broadcast center, dan, cheryl? >> thank you. >> coming up out of the cold now. >> still to come breaking barriers with baseball. some students about to become diplomats. >> at 6:00 it's legal now but a california lawmaker wants to ban hands free texting. the personal tragedy that is inspiring this effort. stay with us. that sat 6:00. we'll be rig >>> some bay area high school students set off on a trip to baseball and soft ball teams. it's believed they're the first high school teams to go to cuba to play against students there. >> they're going to be exploring havana to see cult
to 74 degrees in clover dale. 71 in santa rosa. up to 75 in santa cruz we're temperatures at this hour 61 in san francisco. it's still pretty mild in redwood city right now, 70 degrees. here are%hy6 the highlights, s, mild, cooling begins on sunday and rain arriving heading into tuesday with a bigger pattern change than just rain we're going to see cooler weather. not immediately high pressure is calling shots throughout the weekend so with this ridge in place we're going with mild to warm weather heading into the weekend. thursday, you'll notice high pressure inland off shore flow continues its a mild pattern. wind blowing from land bringing warm air towards coastline. enjoy 70s again, tomorrow, will be a thing of the past before you know it. traveling to lake tahoe snow is in the forecast you're going see a cold morning afternoons running mild and cooler on sunday. and on president's day with temperatures into upper 40s. morning lows upper 30s to 40s so not terribly cold we're going to see clear skies tomorrow morning. check out these numbers it's going to be warm in los gatos. 70 i
, 67. north bay communities up to 68 in santa rosa and san raf yeshlgs 6 east bay. oakland 69. 70s castro valley heading inland you're going to see above normal conditions.pç 70 in watsonville. 72 in gilroy. accu-weather forecast one mild day before cooling sets n it's going to be cooler monday, it's president's day, rain arriving a chance of rain late. then rain possibly snow down to 3,000 feet tuesday. much cooler, temperatures only into low to mid-50s then chances of rain coming in on thursday and friday. reality will be setting n take advantage of the beautiful weather. it's all about to change. i'm sandhya patel. >> tu michael finney has your ticket to your next travel destination, free stuff next. >> and helicopter parents hovering over their kids. what do snow plow parents do? why are they just as bad? answer on abc 7 news at 6:00. that is coming up then but we'll be right back here. well, well, well. growing up, we didn't have u-verse. we couldn't record four shows at the same time. in my day, you were lucky if you could record two shows. and if mom was recording her dumb
, north bay communities, 1 santa rosa. towards east bay up to 58 in oakland newark. inland sunny skies, 58 livermore here is a look at the accu-weather forecast. turning sunnier, brighter, milder over next couple days. clouds returning and a slight chance of showers saturday but then we're going with drier forecast for sunday, monday, tuesday. no major storms are expected. saturday morn kog produce showers here. >> all right. >> thank you. >> and still to come the toll to educate golden gate bridge drivers because they won't tibl pay with cash anymore. >> a new way too bug yourself into working out. technology that can help yo >>> one of san francisco's home town grads will help trance form the water front of nd t park. the brewer announced plans to build a facility here at 48. it will employ hundreds of people at pier 48. we almost lost both companies then, they rebounded now, they're kind of in their years of fantastic support. >> anchor brewing happening to be the largest manufacturing firm. the project one part of the larger effort to build housing and retail stores in mission rock ear
. in the north bay, 63 in santa rosa. temperatures upper 50s to low 60s, inland areas, 63 in fairfield. and as you check out the forecast for chinese new year parade it's looking great. the year of the snake. 54 degrees and breezy. clear skies with getting cool as the day or night goes on. temperatures 49 degrees, we've had rain. this year you're going with a dry forecast. accu-weather forecast breezy, cooler for saturday after sprinkles. warmer, sunnier. into sunday looking at friday forecast. in february goitsing to feel like spring. low 60s to 70s. you can follow on twitter. it's a great resource for latest weather conditions.eiaqp and get tweets from your favorite weather team. >> oscars now just two days away. 2:00. >> you can countdown to the biggest night with our oscars trailing video and from the red carpet. >> you can get the experience by down loading our oscarsego app. >> and there is more abc 7 is hosting a virtual party on our facebook page this sunday. all have you to do to get your invitation is like us on facebook then hang out with 95,000 fans to post your opinion on
in santa rosa. 64 clear lake. head inland temperatures low to upper 60s. here is the accu-weather forecast. it's sunny, mild, clouds wednesday and thursday. temperatures thursday and friday, get ready for spring fever. no rain on the accu-weather if we do have rain coming, if you want to know>g? what weather is like abc 7 news has a great resource for you. you can follow on twitter for the latest conditions. you can get video forecast. alerts, powerz6.) outages and other information plus, favorite tweets from our yur favorite weather people, or treats, however you want to call it. >> there is more ahead. a tax break for the unborn? parents to be might like the idea. >> new alt 6:00 losing your wallet just a nightmare but picture a way to store information on your cell phone. how that works that is at >>> desmond bryant, miami police arrested bryant on criminal mischief charges sunday morning. police report said officers spotted bryant banging on a door of a house with a broken door handle in his hand, he was intoxicated they say this arrest could prove costly for bryant set to be a free a
61 degree hz santa rosa. here is what is coming up. we're looking at another mild day tomorrow. extra clouds around on thursday. as you look apacific satellite it's a same set up. we have a blocking ridge. so storms stay north. here is animation of what is coming up. tomorrow, high clouds just passing through bait area like today. by thursday plairkts cloudy conditions for thursday that holds temperatures down. tomorrow morning temperatures mid to upper 30s in the valleys lynnland. you know the routine. look at highs. 67 degrees in san jose. 69 santa cruz. 66 palo alto. coastside 58 degrees. 62 daily city. mid to upper 50s coast side. 65 at clear lake. east bay communities 65 oakland inland areas. 63 san ramone. here is the accu-weather forecast. sunshine, mild weather tomg, spring fever by friday. will he to mid-70s showing up. cooler into saturday and sunday. tuesday just fast forwarding there is a slight chance of rain yes. computer models hinting a possibility you may need umbrellas by tuesday. i'm sandhya patel. >> thank you so much. >> and just ahead a homeless man strikes it ri
degrees we're going to see 70s in the north bay. 71 santa rosa. nights looking day. inland communities upper 60s to low 70s this is like spring. looking at the accu-weather forecast we have more days of low 70s showing up inland low 60s coast side a chance of sprinkles saturday. don't cancel plans. cooler breezy sunday. partly cloudy skies monday. notice temperatures heading down by tuesday night. into wednesday we're bringing in rain. you know live doppler 7 hdn terms of rainfall we're running 71% to 86% per average. >> thank you. >> still to come eye brow raising web site offering nonget a tony to chaiverng it's name. >> how much would you pay to be one of the birs to walk across the new bay bridge >>> tremendous relief for a concord family they feared was missing. the family held a news conference after speaking with him about two hours ago. they tracked them down yesterday on a boat in peru. family and friends got are concerned after they quit posting updates about the trip about a month ago and stopped withdrawing money. couple made to it a phone today. i spokesperson for the fami
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